B-Fest is hosted by a team of passionate and professional individuals that pride themselves on delivering vibrant acts showcasing amazing diverse talent, with both English and Welsh entertainment designed to bring a smile to any face.

This year we are looking at an exciting change, with a focus on the music and catering to adult taste. We are looking to incorporate talented bands with a range of food outlets to suit varied diets and tastes, and if that doesn’t wet your appetite, then the mixture of beers, ciders and our specialist gin and prosecco bars are sure to.

Set in the football club of a small town, surrounded by so much talent we want to provide a platform to support what our area has to offer and also introduce talent from other areas.




Being a Welsh community we offer opportunities to both English and Welsh acts with pride.

Our charities change each year, please see our Charities page to see who we are supporting this year.

So come along and help us support a range of talented musicians and artists, whilst raising money for amazing causes.

Take a look through the rest of the site for links to our musicians, traders and information on our charities, sponsors and community and don’t forget to buy your tickets!


Amdanom Ni

Mae B-fest  yn cael ei gynnal gan dim o unigolion brwdfrydig a proffesiynol sy’n arddangos talent amrywiol anhygoel, gydag adloniant Saesneg a Cymraeg sy’n dod a gwen i unrhyw wyneb!

Dewch draw i gefnogi yr amrywiaeth o gerddorion ac artistiaid talentog, tra’n codi arian ar gyfer achosion rhyfeddol.

Cymerwch olwg trwy weddill y tudalen gwefan am mwy o wybodaeth am tocynnau, yr artistiaid, y masnachwyr, ein elusennau, y noddwyr a’r gymuned. A cofiwch, prynwch eich tocyn!!





Wedi i’w leoli yn clwb pêl-droed dref bach, Treffynnon, rydyn eisiau cynnig llwyfan i gyflwyno’r holl dalent sydd o’m cwmpas.

Rydym yn gymuned Cymraeg ac yn balch o gynnig cyfleodd i dalent drwy gyfrwng y Cymraeg a Saesneg.

Mae ein elusennau yn newid bob blwyddyn. Gweler ein wefan i weld pwy rydym yn cefnogi eleni.



Yes!! Sing it loud B-Festers!!
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Don't forget you camp chair/ blankets and sun cream- it's boiling 😁😁🎵🎶☀️☀️
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